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MERN Forum # 48
Session: 2A
Author: Rhonda McCorriston
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : The Fall Equinox: A celebration of diversity
Description : Fall Equinox is a time when night and day are equal in length. Equal, but different. Each is valued, and necessary for life. Each brings benefits that contribute to health, success, and joy in our lives once we learn to appreciate the adventure of day and the mystic of night. This time of balance between night and day signal it is a great time to talk about equality and diversity amongst us, too. In our classrooms, in our curriculum, and in our people, diversity is a mosaic of individuals who bring a variety of backgrounds, ways of knowing, perspectives, values and beliefs as assets to the our community school. The gifts of each are seen as equal contributors to the whole. What does it looks like? From a classroom table to a table of administrators, there are a variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, people with world experiences, and ideas.
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