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MERN Forum # 48
Session: 1D
Author: Kevin Lopuck
Affiliation: Lord Selkirk School Division
Title : Diversity in a Global Issues classroom: Confronting the issues head-on
Description : Kevin Lopuck is an experienced classroom teacher who looks at how issues surrounding diversity play a fundamental role in enriching the experience of students in his Global Issues classroom. From political and economic diversity, to race, sexuality, and gender, students are fascinated with, and often quite passionate about, engaging in dialogue about the issues. With a nod to Paulo Freire, the classroom becomes a place for co-learners where the teacher engages in often-controversial conversations with students, taking as much from the discussions as the students. Students are engaged with Martha Nussbaum's ideas surrounding cultivating humanity including critical self-examination, seeing themselves as global citizens, and the narrative imagination (empathy). Kevin's presentation will provide insight into how he organizes his class and how he encourages and values diversity.
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