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Session: 1B
Author: Daniel Swaka & Faven Mergia
Affiliation: The Peaceful Village
Title : Supporting newcomer students and their families
Description : The Peaceful Village Program, begun in 2009, is an educational process facilitated by MSIP as an embodiment of its mission in action. TPV is centred in a human rights and social justice framework. The comprehensive program includes academic, social and financial supports for newcomer youth (ages 12-21) through various strategies. The Peaceful Village currently includes 500+ youth and their families. 4 Villages are located within schools (Gordon Bell High School, Hugh John MacDonald School, Glenlawn Collegiate and Fort Richmond Collegiate and Acadia Junior High School) and 1 Village is located at the Community Site at 357 Bannatyne Ave. The Community Site draws from schools all over the city (Sisler, Grant Park, Miles MacDonnell etc.) and is open on Saturday, school breaks and in the summer. The presentation will share key strategies used by TPV in supporting newcomer youth and their families.
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