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Session: 4D
Author: Louise Loewen, Tara Manych, Marion Terry,
Affiliation: Kelsey School Division Brandon University
Title : Mobile technology and the at-risk learner: iPad Learning Project
Description : In this action research study, iPads were incorporated first in grades 5-8 (phase 1), and then in grades 5-8, an ungraded class, and adult high school (phase 2). The goal was to enhance students’ engagement and strengthen their language arts and numeracy skills. In phase 1, students attended digital literacy classes dedicated to remedial skills drills. In phase 2, teachers used the iPads to enrich classroom lessons and to facilitate project-based activities during the digital literacy classes. Phase 1 resulted in improved academic performance, but lower student engagement. Phase 2 resulted in less dramatically improved academic performance, but higher student engagement. The researchers concluded that iPads are a technological tool that supports, rather than replaces, the teacher.
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