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Session: 4B
Author: Lynnea Luna, Sari Rosenberg & Breanne Treyturik
Affiliation: Seven Oaks School Division
Title : Empowering math learning in early years multi-age classrooms
Description : In this presentation, we will share our inquiry into the teaching of mathematics in an inclusive multi-age setting. In attempting this teaching journey, we tried to explore new approaches to meeting the diverse range of learners naturally present in this classroom formation, while still maintaining a strong sense of community and student dignity. The journey was messy at times- partly because we had been doing things a certain way for a long time. We were challenged to provide a program that supported students’ academic, social and emotional development. We experimented with different groupings, whole-class lessons, and self-directed centers. We learned about strategies such as non-routine problem solving that naturally differentiate for students, thus supporting our goals. We are excited to describe the trials and tribulations of our journey in this interactive presentation.
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