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Session: 3F
Author: Paul Betts, Ian Donnelly and Sheri Skwarchuk
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning
Title : Reflections on leading the Math Teacher Inquiry Project (MTIP)
Description : Inspired by the success of the Global Issues Teacher Inquiry Project (GTIP), we decided to lead a mathematics version of GTIP. Believing in the value of teacher inquiry as a model of professional learning, but uncertain how to proceed, we took a leap of faith. We floundered, we guessed, we went with the flow, and we flourished. MTIP is nearing the end of its second year and has already evolved. We continue to face uncertainties considering the role and leadership model of MTIP. In this session, we will share our story of uncertainty, decisions, goals, accomplishments and barriers, and what we have learned. It is our hope that the audience will leave the session inspired to lead or participate in other teacher inquiry projects, and feel a little less uncertain as we have.
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