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MERN Forum # 47
Session: 3E
Author: Denis Hlynka
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Inquiry in a technological society
Description : Twenty-first century humanity is at a pedagogical crossroads. Within living memory, we have moved from a time in which the major source of knowledge was text oriented, to a time in which new emerging technologies have become mainstream. Statistics show that classrooms are being inundated with YouTube video: information is available at the click of a button; facts are available instantly; everyone is an expert. Anyone can communicate any view under the guise of knowledge. New technologies pass this information on faster and more efficiently than ever before. In this milieu it is essential to put inquiry and humility at the centre of learning. Inquiry means that we place questioning at the centre of our endeavor: we no longer know what to teach; we no longer know what knowledge will best serve the 21st century learner; we do not even know how to teach it. Humility means that we do not assume that we are better, or that we (at last) have all the answers. This presentation, based on contemporary research and practice, will inquire about what happens when the primary mode of transmission becomes the YouTube video and all factual knowledge seems only a keystroke away on Wikipedia.
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