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MERN Forum # 47
Session: 3D
Author: Ralph Backé & Denis Gingras
Affiliation: Winnipeg School Division Lord Selkirk School Division
Title : Fostering student voice in Grades 8 and 9 mathematics classrooms
Description : Developing students’ abilities to think about and talk about mathematics is a difficult task for teachers and students. Our belief is that, “If students can explain it, they can do it.” Working in junior high grades, we have been working with several teaching tools intended to encourage mathematical discourse in our classrooms. These tools include manipulatives, exit slips, foldables, and “Picture-Number-Word” frames. Using one or two classroom examples, including actual examples of student voice, we illustrate student responses to uncover mathematical concepts. The challenges and successes experienced by our students reflect our own teaching practices. We will reflect on how the MTIP process has shaped our teaching practices.
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