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MERN Forum # 47
Session: 3C
Author: Melissa Clark, Miranda Sadler & Tim Skuce
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Assuming a role, becoming a teacher and the occupation of space in a child’s learning journey(1) & Exploring one’s identity within the role of teaching social studies (2)
Description : (1) What space does a teacher occupy in a child's journey of learning? Are the roles of teaching and learning interchangeable? The presence of both teacher and learner are required for effective and meaningful learning. Cooperative teaching and learning creates a space in which both teachers and learners can learn through lived experiences. Teachers and learners are able to work together to lead and facilitate learning through wonderment and inquiry. This essay explores the complex and intricate relationship that exists between teachers and learners and considers the pedagogical thoughtfulness and tact required to maintain the delicate balance of the relationship. The humble thoughts and experiences of a teacher candidate used to navigate through and wrestle with the responsibilities associated with assuming the role and becoming the teacher. (2) In curriculums, the topic of identity is covered within the social studies framework. But why? Why is finding one’s own identity so important within that specific framework? Why is there a preoccupation with trying to find ourselves, when we're supposed to be finding out about the world? What is the purpose of discovering our own identities through a historical, geographical, and sociological context? In presentation invites participate to join the presenter’s journey not only self-discovery, but also of the importance (and complications) of how social studies is facilitated within Canadian public schools in order to raise awareness of issues many of our students face from within a social studies framework.
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