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MERN Forum # 47
Session: 3B
Author: Jean-Paul Rochon
Affiliation: River East Transcona School Division
Title : Anyone can teach social studies. But can they?
Description : Non-specialist high school teachers continue to be assigned into humanities courses due to a belief that “Anyone can teach Social Studies!” But can they? The best teachers in a Social Studies Department have a contagious enthusiasm for and inquisitiveness about the content area (including but not limited to geography, history, economics, religion and current events), have the ability to engage others in active citizenship and also support student initiated inquiry learning. This is especially true for Global Issues classes. How can school administrators support Global Issues teachers be supported when staffing or schedule constraints occur? This presentation will examine needs observed and suggest how to support “beginning” and “experienced but new to Global Issues” educators. Diverse perspectives will be considered: an experienced classroom teacher (individually and in a co-teaching format), a co-operating teacher evaluating teacher candidates, and a Social Studies Department Head supporting an new graduate teaching Global Issues for the first time.
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