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MERN Forum # 47
Session: 2C
Author: Kevin Lopuck
Affiliation: River East Transcona School Division
Title : The issue of assessment in Global Issues,Citizenship and Sustainability: A mark conundrum
Description : Inquiry into our own practice is a fundamental part of being a member of the Grade Twelve Inquiry Project (GTIP) team. As such, one of the primary foci of the GTIP team is to be able to explore some of the big idea questions in curriculum and instruction, specifically when it comes to the Global Issues course. In this presentation, team member Kevin Lopuck conducts inquiry into his own practice by exploring the issue of assessment in the course. More specifically, he asks questions such as “How do we grade citizenship and sustainability?” and “What would be the impact of running the Global Issues course as a pass/fail course?” Kevin’s presentation will reflect on his 5 years of experiences teaching the course and will also touch on the experience his students have had with the course.
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