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Session: 1A
Author: Kara Wickstrom Street John Thompson
Affiliation: River East School Division
Title : How can the core concepts of the Global Issues course (inquiry and action) be effectively implemented in other high school social sciences courses? Reflections on teacher action research
Description : As members of the Global Issues Teacher Research Team (GTIP) for the past three years we have been given the opportunity to dialogue with other teachers and reflect upon our collective experiences teaching the new Global Issues curriculum. Additionally, we have engaged in teacher research projects in order to find ways to more effectively implement action based projects and inquiry based learning in our classrooms. Our previous research has demonstrated that inquiry based curricula empowers students to take ownership over their learning and facilitates a deeper understanding of issues that are relevant to them. Additionally, we have discovered and that implementing action projects is an effective way to encourage students to become empathetic informed citizens. Developing critical thinking skills and encouraging students to be engaged citizens are core aspects of all Social Sciences curricula and thus for Year 3 of the GTIP project we have focused our research on determining how to effectively integrate action and inquiry based learning into core Social Sciences courses (Geography and Canadian History). This presentation explores the limits and possibilities of this approach through the lens of three examples in our classrooms.
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