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MERN Forum # 46
Session: 4A
Author: Donna Copsey Haydey
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Supporting parents In building their young child’s language and content knowledge through the use of children’s magazines
Description : For this presentation, I will be describing a study that is currently in progress. Research indicates that adults play an important role in building their preschool child’s knowledge. Yet, children from low-income homes often have limited exposure to books and less developed language and literacy skills. As a result, they begin school behind their same aged peers, with this gap widening throughout the school years. I am investigating the use of children’s magazines as a way for parents to learn strategies for developing their young child’s vocabulary, language and conceptual knowledge about the world. Using a children’s science magazine, parents will be taught strategies to talk with their child about the magazine content, prompt their child’s thinking, and expand their child’s responses. It is anticipated that over the course of the sessions, children will increase their conceptual knowledge of the content from the magazines as well as their language and vocabulary.
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