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MERN Forum # 45
Session: 4A
Author: Jennifer Davis & UCN Pre-Service Teachers
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : Land based education in the schoolyard: This is NOT a field trip
Description : As follow-up to research done on the relevance of land based education (LBE) in the last 2 years through the VOICE project, UCN pre-service teachers are looking at further ways to connect this approach to the elementary classroom experience. In previous surveys teachers told us that there are two major reasons why they hesitate to use land based education: The cumbersome filling out of necessary paperwork, and the need to dedicate extra time for lesson preparation. Because of this feedback, this year we have specifically concentrated on land-based lessons that can be taught in the schoolyard and parking lot: on school grounds in order to make the teaching of LBE more accessible for both teachers and students.
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