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MERN Forum # 45
Session: 3C
Author: Scott Donovan, Rhonda McCorriston & student panel
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : Using our whole space to support students at the centre
Description : In a small classroom on the second floor, at the end of the west wing in the UCN building, is a dynamic environment that focuses on the student is at the center. Surrounded by friends, family, and community and Nation, these students are learning about their responsibilities to the community through their courses. From searching for missing and murdered Aboriginal women and “bags of love”, to tug-of-war and Christmas games against other classes, we are keenly aware of the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of students. This presentation we will explore how the little things we do mean a lot to students. Students will share the risks they are taking, and the resilience that grows from their own self-efficacy and sense of belonging. We use our whole space to create a student centered learning environment.
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