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MERN Forum # 44
Session: 4A
Author: Jan Stewart
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Best practices and programs to support the education of refugee and newcomer students
Description : This presentation draws from a qualitative research program conducted in four Canadian provinces that examined best practices and programs to support the integration of refugee and newcomer students. By demonstrating how ecological systems interact to support or subvert student progress, this research offers specific policy considerations and practical recommendations to support the education, adjustment, and career development of students living in Manitoba. Taking into account the reciprocal influences of newcomer, and Canadian- born students as they interact and connect both within the school and community, the presenter explores strategies and practices to build intercultural competence and knowledge of diversity among students and staff. Insights into the challenges and best practices for schools and organizations are revealed and transformative ideas and praxis-oriented suggestions for teaching and learning in diverse contexts are explored.
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