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Session: 3C
Author: Grant Krueger, Tyson MacGillvray, Gary Neufeld
Affiliation: Frontier School Division
Title : FSD / UCN / 4+1 / EOP / ELP / NMMA / NTC: What does it all mean for Frontier Students?
Description : Frontier School Division (FSD) has a full array of engaging programs, activities and events for students from grade 5 through to adult that invites them to explore a variety of career options. Acronyms aside, this school year has been extremely exhilarating in regards to Technical Vocational Education across Frontier School Division. For middle years students our recent initiative engages students in presentations delivered over two days to grades 5, 6, 7, & 8. The focus is to have students witness some of the possibilities there are for future career paths, in some unique clusters of industry… Think of it as a two-hour window into a possible career path. FSD also has Career Trek, Career X and Work Education available across the division. With a new joint initiative between FSD and University College of The North and a host of partners both from industry, community and other education organizations. Our instructors have logged many kilometers and, as well, our mobile Expanded Options Program (EOP) has hit its stride this school year and is gaining momentum. For Grade 9 and 10 students we have our ever-evolving Expanded Options Program along with a growing menu of Vocational Majors available for High School and Adult Education. The session will also focus on our flagship “Frontier Builders” program and what that fully means for our “cradle to career” focus that is Frontier School Division.
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