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MERN Forum # 44
Session: 3B
Author: Jennifer Davis with UCN Students
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : Learning from the land is NOT a field trip
Description : There has recently been a renewed interest in land-based education across Canada. Under the guidance of Aboriginal educators such as Battiste, Wilson, Cajete, and non-Aboriginal educators such as Louv and Suzuki, programs have sprung up that engage students of all ages in a renewed relationship with the Land. Unfortunately, in practice, this relationship is often characterized as a "field trip" -- one or two day forays into "nature". Not only is this an artificial relationship, the paperwork and preparation required by school boards for such field trips often appears overwhelming and acts as a deterrent to teachers who consider such an initiative. As part of their 2nd year action research coursework, 6 UCN pre-service teachers are developing land-based units in the 4 core subject areas of ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies that adhere to the Manitoba middle years curriculum guidelines, but can be taught outside in the schoolyard and playground. This presentation will provide examples of these units and levels of student engagement and achievement tracked during the delivery of the same.
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