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Session: 1C
Author: Brenda Firman, Vanessa Fitzpatrick, Janet Wheaton
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : Embedding FRIENDS certification in initial teacher training
Description : In this pilot study, ECE educators are embedding both training in and implementation of an evidence-based social/emotional universal anxiety preventative program in the second year of the ECE certificate program. Research has shown that children who are emotionally and socially skilled are more successful at school. FRIENDS is a proven effective, resiliency-based and activity-based program with three developmentally appropriate programs for children and youth from 4 to 16 years old. Our research explores a new process for certification of program facilitators by: 1. Embedding the FUN FRIENDS training into a post-secondary professional program. 2. Extending training beyond the current one-day certification workshop by having newly trained facilitators (ECE students) implement the program by embedding program implementation across 3 courses and providing instructor support and peer-collaboration opportunities that help grow both the competence and confidence of the student facilitators. The voices of the ECE students and the Child Care Directors are included in this presentation.
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