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MERN Forum # 42
Session: 4E
Author: Timothy Beyak
Affiliation: Louis Riel School Division
Title : The fusion text: A multimodal representation of student inquiry in global issues for knowing and meaning making
Description : Chin Ee Loh (2010) states, “In our complicated world of mass migrations and mass media cross-cultural integration with others in one’s nation and with other nationalities is inevitable. One is no longer just a national citizen but also a global citizen, for which understanding complexity and diversity is a necessary part of everyday living. As educators, we can help to prepare students by engaging them in conversations about nation and world that will help them read nation and world (p. 111-112). This presentation describes how the process of student inquiry in Grade 12 Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability (40S) can be represented through the creation of a fusion text (Evans, 2013) based upon elements of artifactual literacy (Pahl & Rowsell, 2010). The presentation examines the role artifactual catalysts (Edwards, 2008 & Broderick, 2014) play in the process of inquiry and how fusion text construction can explore and represent the UNESCO Four Pillars which include: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Be, and Learning to Live Together. In addition, the fusion text when done in relation to multicultural literature and discussion can act as both mirror and window into identity and culture (Glazier & Seo, 2005); and would see students as members of a cultural group view and consider their own identity and that of others. In this manner, “personal narratives—making text-to-self connections” result in “using text as a mirror” (Glazier & Seo, 2005, p. 695) and societal, personal, and familial “stories can be braided in with larger narratives of nation and nationality, often with provocative effects” (Donald, 2011, p. 537).
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