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MERN Forum # 42
Session: 4D
Author: Catherine Neumann
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Dialogue in educational organizations
Description : The use of dialogue is theoretically proposed in educational literature as the suggested mode of communication for constructivist practices in today’s diverse and complex school populations (Bohm, 1996; Mitchell & Sackney, 2001; Shields & Edwards, 2005; Wheatley, 1999; Senge, 1990). Lacking in the literature was evidence from the field on how dialogue actually works in schools to enhance constructivist ways of doing in educational organizations. The inquiry is an exploration of ieducator and leader understandings of dialogue as a process for building shared vision. Instrumental case study was used to gather members’ understandings. A thematic analysis of the data revealed that along with what is already known about dialogue are five catalytic components participants used to create and sustain dialogic communication. For the purposes of this presentation the third finding will be elaborated — Mindsets enhancing dialogue are: desire for commonality, cohesion, and consistency; keen attention to what others need; a desire to function as professionals; and ownership over practice. Implications for leadership practice will be discussed. Leaders and educators wishing to enhance dialogic communication in schools need to employ, and provide opportunity for others to employ, these catalytic components deliberately and explicitly. Deliberate and explicit use of these five components would aid in enhancing dialogic communication in educational organizations
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