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MERN Forum # 42
Session: 4C
Author: Karen Magro
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Inner landscapes: Transformative learning experiences of Canadian education interns in Greece
Description : This exploratory study uses transformative learning theory as a lens to interpret and understand the challenges and successes experienced by education students who elect to teach or intern abroad. Transformative learning is a deeper-level learning that challenges learners to understand themselves and their world in new, more nuanced ways. Frames of teaching and learning are explored from multiple lenses. Elements of the educational internship experience that emerged from students who participated in this study include: initial apprehension, disbelief, and even fear; a disorienting dilemma or incongruent experience within the new school cultural context; and a re-evaluation of one’s frame(s) of reference and a final emergence of a more integrative, inclusive sense of self as "teacher" and "learner." Transformative learning theory can serve both as a conceptual framework for understanding the experience of students and as a means of suggesting ways in which educational outcomes can be better designed with a transformative intent in mind. Implications for international teaching practica and mentoring student teachers will be presented. An article and bibliography will be given to each participant in this workshop/presentation.
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