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Session: 4A
Author: Paul Betts, Gwen Birse, Dan Kammerlock & Sari Rosenberg
Affiliation: Seven Oaks School Division & University of Winnipeg
Title : Supporting professional learning communities: The case of problem solving
Description : Seven Oaks School Division and the Seven Oaks Teachers Association use an educational leave model to support the professional learning of teachers. This model facilitates the establishment of professional learning communities by funding release time for teachers to study, discuss, research, and investigate education topics, and also to reflect upon their assumptions, ideas, beliefs, and values about teaching and learning. Teachers at R.F. Morrison School used educational leaves to collaboratively inquire into their teaching of mathematical problem solving. Following a lesson study approach to professional learning activities, release time allowed teachers to jointly plan, implement, and reflect on problem solving activities within each other’s classrooms. A multiple teams approach enhanced our professional dialogue around the learning of children at specific grade levels. This collaborative professional inquiry has resulted in various understandings about the teaching and learning of problem solving, including how to launch challenging and naturally differentiated problem solving activities, the important role of teachers to facilitate productive struggle by children, and the development of a K-6 school-wide pedagogical model of teaching problem solving that is synchronous with research concerning children’s problem solving abilities.
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