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Session: 3F
Author: John Thompson & Kara Wickstrom Street
Affiliation: River East Transcona School Division
Title : Global Issues Research Team Year 2: How effective is the Global Issues course in engaging students to care? Reflections on teacher action research findings
Description : One of the key components of the Grade 12 Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability course is to encourage our students to be active and informed students that are engaged in taking action to facilitate social change. During year one of the Global Issues Research Team (GTIP) we engaged in action research in our own classrooms in order to gauge how effective this course actually was in meeting the aforementioned goal. We made specific modifications to our practice in order to measure how taking this course has influenced our students’ engagement to care about the world around them and thus become active citizens. Through the implementation of entrance and exit surveys and anecdotal evidence we discovered that the course was in fact quite effective in encouraging active citizenship, however we discovered that there were several answered questions regarding the transformative nature of the course. Based upon the recommendations from Year 1 of our action research, we decided to further modify our practice so that an even larger percentage of our Global Issues students are transformed by the experience than in the previous year. Our presentation will focus upon the effectiveness of these modifications in engaging students to care as well as discussion surrounding this topic.
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