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Session: 3C
Author: Allan Stevenson
Affiliation: Sunrise School Division
Title : Becoming a math leader: Three narratives
Description : Allan Stevenson has been a classroom teacher for almost 15 years. He attributes his belief in collaborative forms of math leadership to those who influenced his career path over the last number of years. Allan’s journey began within a variety of math committees and projects both within his school division and for the province. There, he found the people who encouraged him to grow as a math leader. In particular, it was because of the encouragement of one colleague over years of dialogue that Allan was able to take steps to become a more effective math leader. What makes an effective math leader? How can we foster the emergence of math leaders in our own schools? To address these questions, Allan sought out three of the math leaders—administrators, coordinators and colleagues—who had influenced him most in his professional journey, and listened to the stories they had to tell. In this session, he will share the themes that run across the stories and key-incident anecdotes from each story, that could inspire others to answer their own questions about fostering math leaderships in themselves or in others. Bring your own story. Bring your own themes. Let’s talk about how professional leadership in math teaching can be nurtured, person-to-person, in Manitoba.
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