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Session: 2E
Author: Peter Slivinski, Steve Erickson and Ralph Mason
Affiliation: Winnipeg School Division & University of Manitoba
Title : Building students’ experiential foundations: Powers and exponents, grade 9
Description : In grade 9, students learn the algebra of power laws, but too often they attempt to memorize the laws with little long-term success. Peter, Steve, and Ralph have tried something different—providing foundational experiences with the content before teaching that content symbolically. Students investigated doubling and undoubling in contexts as varied as Ebola infections and the “I told two friends” shampoo commercial. In each inquiry, they used multiple representations to make sense of the math within the pattern of answers that they had obtained from their understandings of the context. We were able to observe changes in students’ self-beliefs regarding mathematics as they came to realize that they were succeeding at making sense of complex ideas. Two months later, they were taught the power laws as symbolic algebra. Did the approach make a difference to their learning of the traditional elements of the concept? Come to the session, and we’ll share details of the study.
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