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Session: 2D
Author: Michelle McClarty, Hollee Perreault, Sheri Lynn Skwarchuk and Kim Young
Affiliation: Brandon School Division, Pine Creek School Division, Winnipeg School Division & University of Winnipeg
Title : Mathematics education learning support leadership in Manitoba
Description : Currently in Manitoba, there are various support models for the remediation of mathematics learning. These models are based on school and school division policy, processes and needs. The leaders of this presentation represent a collective praxis-based knowledge on working within several of these models. This knowledge will be used to consider the following questions concerning learning support leadership: 1. What types of learning support are currently in use? 2. What specific mathematics approaches, assessments and programs are valued? 3. What are the barriers and supports to initiatives? 4. What has worked/not worked while supporting math initiatives in your work environment? 5. What advice and general principles can be generated? This presentation will use a round table format. Representatives from various school divisions in the province will share their experiences with supporting the teaching and learning of mathematics in their schools. The audience is then invited to respond to these experiences. A significant portion of the session is devoted to encouraging dialogue among all audience members concerning models of learning support for the teaching and learning of mathematics.
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