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Session: 2A
Author: Glenys MacLeod
Affiliation: Pembina Trails School Division
Title : Expeditionary Math
Description : Mathematicians are creative and innovative. They question, experiment and persist in the search for understanding. We are all mathematicians and we all have the potential to grow mathematically. As recent international testing results show, improvements to mathematics programming are required so that all students can acquire the skills, attitudes and understandings that will see them become powerful mathematicians. Drawing on the strengths of Inquiry, Problem-based Learning and Place Based Learning, Expeditionary Math (meMath) offers students opportunities to be engineers, architects, environmental researchers, physicists, astronomers, scientists and explorers in the very environments where these mathematicians do their learning and work. These expeditions stem from student questions and follow an inquiry path where student mathematicians themselves define the variables, search for and collect data, search for solutions and communicate their new understanding. Expeditionary Math is intended to be fluid, dynamic and flexible, guided by the evolving learning path of each student. Decisions about the content to be explored, the topics to be discussed and the adventures to be had are determined with the students, during the learning. These experiences welcome all learners, each from their own starting point, into challenging and relevant tasks with multiple paths towards solutions; all the while being narrow enough to ensure the in-depth learning of key mathematical content so that along with high standards for academic achievement, creativity and innovation are standard.
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