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MERN Forum # 42
Session: 1F
Author: Paul Cuthbert, Rosanna Cuthbert & Nadine Trembley
Affiliation: Evergreen School Division
Title : New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) – Embracing contemporary learning competencies in Evergreen School Division
Description : New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) is a global project aiming to implement deep learning goals across whole education systems. Deep learning goals are enabled by new pedagogies and accelerated by technology so that students can flourish and be prepared to use learning as a way to take positive action in their own lives, the lives of their families and communities. In this session, we will provide an overview of NPDL and discuss its mobilization in Evergreen School Division, building clarity about deep learning, leveraging digital, and the pedagogical shift from the traditional classroom environment to inquiry-based teaching and learning. There is an excitement when we are intentional about inviting student voice and choice, embedding real-world context, provoking student wonders, activating their inquiries, and providing many opportunities for deep learning. We will highlight some of our successes in uncovering curriculum, ICT innovation, and engaging students in the 6 C’s (contemporary learning competencies - character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking).
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