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Session: 1D
Author: Lam Nguyen
Affiliation: Winnipeg School Division
Title : Considering a master’s thesis? My story of professional learning through research.
Description : Doing a research project while continuing as a fulltime mathematics teacher and dad hasn’t been easy! I’m glad I kept the research design tightly focused on teaching and learning of a single three-week unit on probability. However, since completing the unit, another theme has emerged: my ongoing professional learning since doing the research. Data gathering for the study was a way to listen to students as they adapted to learning difficult concepts in unfamiliar ways. The students learned when they made sense of authentic problems, grappling with the questions that naturally occur, rather than calculating a solution with a formula provided to them. For me, when graduate studies became an opportunity to listen to my students struggling to learn, it became an opportunity for me to identify in myself the teacher I am becoming. This semester, I have been teaching the same unit to a new group of students. I am in the position of analyzing and interpreting data from students who were learning probability while concurrently teaching probability to a new set of students. It has turned out to be a very valuable learning experience. In this session, I share my research story and invite others to think of thesis research as a potentially powerful form of teacher inquiry.
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