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Session: 1B
Author: Rosanne Massinon & Brenda Mutcher
Affiliation: Prairie Rose School Division
Title : Career technology studies and inquiry learning
Description : This session highlights projects developed through teacher collaboration and the Career Technology Studies Program in Prairie Rose School Division. Varied in content, these projects share common themes of community partnerships, technology infusion, cross-curricular integration, career connections and opportunities for inquiry learning. Agroecology Discovery Day Project - This involves a student-centric inquiry based approach to engaging students of Grade 10 Science and Social Studies in “agroecology”, an interdisciplinary framework that integrates ecology, the biophysical sciences, and social sciences. Project work, coinciding with curricular outcomes, is initiated in the classroom, informed by community mentors, and carried forward to a culminating ‘Agroecology Discovery’ field day at the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm (UM) in Carman. Biology, Health, & Well-being Project - Biology 30S students have the opportunity to reflect on their personal wellness, while engaging with community health professionals. Topics such as nutrition, mental health, and addictions are explored as students participate in workshops facilitated by these professionals. While visiting various community health providers, they also gain a greater awareness of health care career opportunities. As well, students develop an inquiry project to demonstrate their understanding of human biology and how it connects to wellness.
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