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Session: 1A
Author: Alberto Mansilla
Affiliation: Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
Title : Impact of student-initiated after school program on student motivation and learning challenges towards the development of a science project
Description : Research of LeDoux, Eden and Schacter has shown positive connection between learning and 1) emotions and memories, 2) relationships to real-life experiences, and 3) activation of both the auditory and visual areas of the brain towards the creation of meaning. The action research highlighted that through challenging, by creating an environment which can help students see that they can take responsibility for their own learning, a teacher can provide students with learning opportunities where they could align their choices and see the value of these choices as tools for their learning needs and goals. An intervention creative enough to engage their curiosity, promote active learning and have them transform these acquired skills to the concept of scientific inquiry. Science research projects require Mathematics in the presentation of its methodology and results. It contains all the elements of an effective exploratory writings. Completing the cycle of the learning continuum is the science projects’ extension that is reflective in nature. The action research also highlighted the self- reflection portion of the study. A Likert survey designed to determine how the students felt about their abilities as science students measures their motivation and interest was used. The survey has 26 questions, 10 of which were subjected to t-test. On the average, a ‘p’ value higher than .05 but lower than .10 (.05< p < .10) signifying ‘approaching statistical significance’ resulted from the t test comparing the Science Interest Survey, conducted on January of 2012 with 10 respondents from a multilevel and multi-age class against the post test administered after the intervening activities.
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