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MERN Forum # 40
Session: 3B
Author: Gary Hunter
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Leadership from the inside out
Description : This presentation introduces the “Life Expects” learning paradigm that is informed by the work of Stephen Brookfield, Paulo Friere, Jack Mezirow and Patricia Cranton. Based on my book, Life Expects: Educating Students to Lead Fulfilling Lives, and published by The International Center for Innovation in Education, it is an approach to learning that focuses on educating students to become autonomous, self-aware, confident and self-determining individuals, leading lives they are called to lead. Since teachers are the primary agents in this process, I’ll focus on two things: First, the idea that every student who enters a classroom arrives bearing unique, though undiscovered, gifts – the rendering of which fulfills the gift bearer and benefits the world. Second, teachers have significant responsibilities in this regard, including, striving to instill in their students four critical habits of character.
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