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Session: 2C
Author: Emily Halldorson
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Empowerment through unconventional education
Description : This research study examines the role of three adult tutoring programs in the lives of inner city Aboriginal students in Winnipeg, with a particular focus on personal and community empowerment. A literature review examines the historical relationship between Aboriginal people and the education system, theories of educational empowerment, and the current context of adult education in Winnipeg. The researcher, an adult tutoring program coordinator and instructor herself, was inspired to explore adult tutoring programs by the successes she witnessed with her own learners. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with the students and facilitators of three, very diverse, programs. Adult tutoring programs are found to bridge gaps between other forms of adult education and thus fill important, yet less recognized roles. The study employs qualitative and participatory research methods in order to let the stories of adult tutoring attendees demonstrate some of the truly empowering effects which these unconventional forms of education have on participants and the communities and families which surround them.
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