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Session: 2B
Author: John Murray
Affiliation: Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning
Title : Science Education in Canada to 2030: First Results of a New National Study
Description : Thirty years ago, the Science Council of Canada released its landmark study of Canadian science education with a focus on the teaching of science. Over the period December, 2013 to May, 2014 a national expert panel of over 50 leading Canadian science education specialists, scientists, award-winning teachers, science media figures, and industry leaders participated in, and contributed to, a new consensus for science education in Canada for the next generation. The panel’s deliberations were online, anonymous, and revealed significant trends in thinking about educational leadership, school organization, curriculum implementation, technology applications, teacher development and student learning with respect to science. Certain national and international trends were identified which will have a direct effect on the manner in which students in Manitoba will interact with science in the coming decades, particularly in relation to the relevance of science education in school life and in their own lives. In terms of shaping a discourse and characterizing the goals of science education in Canada, the panel identified: Literacy in Science-Related Issues, Contributing to Human Health and Well-Being, Global Citizenship and Sustaining Earth’s Systems, and Life-Long Learning in a Technology-rich Society. Each of these goals carries with it important aspects of student engagement, particularly in terms of re-conceptualizing the very purposes of science education.
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Paper Link : reports/2B_Murray_Winter_2015.pdf

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