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Session: 1B
Author: Donna Copsey Haydey
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Applying the knowledge-practice model of professional development in an early years family centre
Description : This study focused on a new conceptualization of professional development for early childhood educators. A collaborative approach was followed between a school division administration and the early years teachers who had expressed an interest in enhancing their instructional practice in reading aloud. Neuman and Cunningham (2009) have identified an emerging reconceptualization that is a combination of the knowledge-focused model along with a practice-focused component. Bi-weekly professional development sessions over six weeks revisited the dialogic interactive reading technique and how the teachers were applying this method in their classrooms. For these sessions teachers were encouraged to reflect on questions sent out prior to the meetings, and to bring in their own experiences, insights, and concerns. Selected transcriptions from previous classroom observations were shared at the meetings to show positive examples of how the teachers were applying the dialogic questions and how they affected children’s thinking and responses. In this study the use of transcripts emerged as an effective tool for developing instructional practice. Embedding the transcripts in bi-weekly sessions helped to gradually build teacher knowledge that then affected both teacher learning and the children’s learning outcomes.
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