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MERN Forum # 39
Session: 3D
Author: Mike Nantais
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Using social media to cultivate an empowering school environment
Description : Social media is proving to be more than a fad; its use is growing across all age groups and sectors of Canadian society. But, what does it offer for education? Is it something to avoid or to embrace? In this presentation, some of the findings and conclusions from the presenter’s Ph.D. dissertation, titled Social Media Pedagogy: A Multiple Case Study Approach, will be shared. This qualitative, interpretivist research sought to examine the teacher’s perspective about using social media for teaching. What is social media? Why was it used? How was it used? What effect, if any, did this have on the teacher’s practice and beliefs? The particular finding to be described in this presentation is the observed effect on the school environment. Teachers found that use of social media, in conjunction with other factors, acted to empower students and helped cultivate a trusting school environment. This session will include an overview of the study, sharing of participant comments, and the researcher’s findings and conclusions about this particular phenomenon. Session participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and to discuss the ramifications of this finding.
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