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Session: 3B
Author: David Nutbean
Affiliation: Portage La Prairie School Division
Title : The effectiveness of technology integration into the classroom in rural Manitoba high schools
Description : One of the biggest challenges facing education in the 21st century is effectively integrating technology into pedagogy. This quantitative study (n = 55) examined various factors that influence the use of technology in rural western, southern and central Manitoba high school classrooms. Teachers were surveyed about their personal, professional, and pedagogical use of information & communications technologies (ICT) as well as their pedagogical orientation toward student-centered approaches to instruction. The study also considered the availability and the frequency of use of technology in the schools and demographic factors that impact teacher ICT use. Both descriptive and inferential analyses were carried out. Findings suggest a number of strong correlations between teacher personal, professional and pedagogical use of technology. Among the findings were that the availability of technology in certain contexts is high and that online access in rural schools is ubiquitous. The study also found that a number of technology uses were high for teacher personal and/or professional use, but not for pedagogical use in class. Results from the analysis on teacher pedagogical orientation showed possible incongruities for technology integration efforts. Recommendations to improve technology integration efforts through pedagogical change are addressed. This presentation will highlight the results of this study and its implications for future technology integration efforts at the high school level.
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