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Session: 3A
Author: Margaret Aisicovich
Affiliation: River East Transcona SD
Title : A study of middle school students’ motivation to learn English as a second language
Description : This study investigates the phenomenon of motivation in middle year’s students to learn English as a second language (ESL) with the use of constructionist interpretive methodology. The literature suggests that ESL students’ motivation to learn English are influenced by numerous factors including, but not limited to: previous learning experiences, family perspectives on education, peer interaction, the classroom teacher, as well as teaching strategies and procedures. When these factors are aligned, the students seem to have a positive experience learning English and their intrinsic motivation is high. Further questions that arose from this study are: How does student motivation to learn English impact their motivation towards learning other subjects? Do students’ learning styles and multiple intelligences (Gardner, H., 1983) impact how motivated they are to learn English? Further research is required in this area, including longitudinal studies that would focus on the success of ESL students over a period of five to ten years, to gain new insight into the process of acculturations, how it affects students’ academic success, as it pertains to identity building. New information would benefit teachers, administrators, post-secondary institutions and policy makers. Recommendations for future research of ESL students’ learning as it pertains to teachers’ cognizance of ESL students’ needs and the impacting second language acquisition (SLA) factors in order to better support their learning and acculturation process. Additionally, it would behoove administrators to support the professional development of ESL teachers.
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