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MERN Forum # 39
Session: 2E
Author: Bryan Schroeder
Affiliation: Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools
Title : How good schools empower students
Description : Today’s students require educators who will guide them to think critically, grow in character, and value relationships. These students become empowered to change their world and overcome social and racial oppression and marginalization. Empowered students are those who attain skills and knowledge with their teachers, and become equipped and motivated to question the dynamics of reality around them, in order to transform and improve society. Problem-posing and dialogue-based education also empowers students to examine their knowledge and the world they live in, and train students with a voice to be heard and a perspective to share.
This presentation will explore how critically thinking educators empower students to question social realities in order to improve their world. He presents how good schools cultivate a culture of justice that prevails through the efforts of committed educators in classrooms where student voices are heard and honoured as a part of learning. Knowledge can marginalize or liberate a student depending on the presence of critical thinking skills. Therefore, educators must create a context of purposeful and focused thinking that will lead to the emancipation of previously marginalized students.
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