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Session: 2D
Author: Helen Armstrong
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Indigenous films and movies for curricular integration and professional learning
Description : This session will explore the role of Aboriginal films and movies in supporting literacy and identity-building processes. It will acquaint participants with an extensive (over 300) online listing of Indigenous films, movies, and supportive books (evolving, currently over 100) that can be used in classrooms and community groups. The presentation will increase awareness of Aboriginal films and movies and illustrate how they can be infused across the curriculum in purposeful ways. It will include hands-on opportunities for participants to learn about the films and movies, and where available, accompanying print and/or audio book resources, and the strategies that can be used to integrate films and movies. The session will explore the possibilities of integrating films and movies into an Indigenous Inquiry Kit (IIK) model, which includes a strong literature component. Currently, many teachers are feeling inadequately prepared to indigenize the curriculum. Particular attention to the inquiry kit model, including films and movies, and the professional development/support of teachers in the use of the various resources within Indigenous Inquiry Kits, might assist in creating more opportunities and comfort when integrating Aboriginal culture into the classroom. Participating colleagues in attendance are invited to share ideas. The workshop is useful as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the workshop entitled Curricular Integration Using Indigenous Inquiry Kits.
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