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Session: 2B
Author: Ralph Mason
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : High school students helping younger children to learn mathematics
Description : Citizenship Mathematics was a two-part service and research project located in a K-12 school in rural Manitoba. On one level, it provided the students in grades 3-6 with experiences designed to enrich their understandings of multiplication and times tables. These experiences used the Penny Flower Activities, a set of about 20 different activities that focus on multiplication by seven, found in previous research to enhance students’ understanding of multiplication and engagement in learning mathematics. On a second level, it provided students in Consumer Mathematics the opportunity to explore what citizenship could mean to them, by leading them to be numeracy coaches for the younger children. Most of the high school students described themselves as disengaged from the school in general, and were initially reluctant to engage in activities that they saw as deficit-based in two ways: they didn’t see themselves as good at math, and they didn’t expect themselves to be good at leading younger children to learn. Over a three-month period, however, they came to see themselves as legitimate citizens of the school, and as having the capability to make positive contributions in their community. The presentation will share some of the numeracy activities, as well as the high school students’ newly developed personal understandings of citizenship, in school and community.
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