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Session: 1E
Author: Rebecca Gray
Affiliation: Rolling River School Division
Title : Restitution: From compliance to selfdiscipline
Description : Abstract: Teachers often lament that they want internally motivated and self-disciplined students. However, there is a mismatch between what we say we want, and the strategies that we are using to manage behaviour. The majority of school discipline programs are based on stimulus- response psychology and focus on consequences; either positive ones such as rewards, or negative ones, such as the removal of privileges. The problem is that external controls, such as these, tend only to encourage compliance, instead of promoting self-discipline. In this session, the reasons why people behave will be explored. Common behaviour management approaches will be examined, and the problems with each will be identified. This will be followed by an introduction to the Restitution program, which was created by Diane Gossen, and is based on the work of William Glasser in Control Theory and the principles of Aboriginal Restorative Justice. It was designed to assist teachers in gaining an understanding of internal motivation and provide those working with children hands-on skills to use when dealing with difficult behaviour. Drawing from current research on brain functioning, Restitution recognizes that for true learning to occur, the process that children must engage in is an internal one. It teaches youth the skills needed to promote independence, critical thinking and acceptance of personal responsibility for one's actions. This session will challenge participants to assess their own practices with regards to discipline, and to consider if they are truly working “with” their students.
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