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Session: 1D
Author: Helen Armstrong
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Curricular integration using Indigenous Inquiry Kits
Description : This workshop will focus on the nature and use of Indigenous Inquiry Kits (IIKs). Over the course of SSHRC/CURA funded grant, Community-Based Aboriginal Curriculum Initiatives: Implementation and Evaluation, it became evident that teachers had not been prepared to indigenize curriculum during their teacher education training nor were they receiving professional development in the area as certified teachers. The Indigenous Inquiry Kit model was conceived as one way to begin to address those challenges. It began with each teacher candidate at Brandon University having to create an IIK that they would then use in their field placement(s). The variety of IIKs included topics across all curricula and grades, for example, The Night Sky; The Senses; The Effects of European Settlement on Animal Migratory Patterns and Food Security of First Peoples; The Role of Aboriginal Peoples in Wars; Aboriginal Games, Aboriginal Music, and The Trickster in Each of Us. Each IIK included Aboriginal literature and other resources (e.g., films, games, websites), and each teacher candidate created lesson plans using their IIK resources. In each instance, the IIK model provided a ‘doable’ way for teacher candidates to indigenize the curriculum.
This session will allow participants to explore the evolving IIKs that are available within the Aboriginal Curriculum Initiatives Centre (ACIC) in the Faculty of Education at Brandon University. The ACIC, as a whole, will be toured, and participants will consider how the IIK model and the larger collection of resources might be incorporated into their own setting. The session entitled Indigenous Films and Movies for Curricular Integration and Professional Development will serve as a companion session to this workshop on IIKs.
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