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MERN Forum # 39
Session: 1B
Author: Chris Brown
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Head, heart, and hands: Three aspects of equity education
Description : The purpose of this presentation is to discuss, in a practical way, three aspects of equity education, so that teachers will have more strategies to continue their work creating equity in classrooms, schools and society Conversation One: Our Head This conversation is about knowledge, and how we make sense of the world and how we have been socialized. It is vital for educators to understand that equity education is not about simply acquiring more knowledge, but about “troubling” taken-for-granted knowledge that keeps inequity in play. Conversation Two: Our Heart An aspect of the heart conversation is a discussion of the importance of authentic instruction, as well as how it is ok and natural for all of us (students and teachers) to be uncomfortable about equity conversations. As well, the heart dimension creates the impetus for personal reflection that may lead to perspective transformation. Conversation Three: Our Hands This conversation is about doing inclusive education that benefits students who are marginalized, and addresses issues of safety for the Other, interpersonal interactions, and the school curriculum. The focus of the hands conversation is on teaching about difference, and advocating for those who are marginalized by being different.
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