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MERN Forum # 39
Session: 1A
Author: Sheila Scott
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : Music for all
Description : Music is a universal human experience. All children respond to music in a variety of ways. Music making requires cognition when children perform the beat and subdivisions of the beat on drums. Music requires creativity when students improvise movements to express their aural experiences. Music is communication when children and caregivers interact through performance. Music is joyful when children engage in pleasurable experiences with others.
This workshop emerges from my experiences in developing and implementing a music program for all children, focusing on musical activities suited for children on the autism spectrum. Using a variety of musical materials (e.g., books, songs and, musical instruments), I build on each child’s inclination to respond positively to music in individual ways, focusing on each child’s strengths, and developing strategies that will involve each child actively in making music. Numerous outcomes for learning emerge from these experiences including, but not limited to: 1. Communication and Social Interaction; 2. Literacy; 3. Behavioral Skills/Sense of Self; 4. Cognitive/Musical; and, 5. Psychomotor.
In this workshop, participants will take part in a mini-lesson in which they experience music activities similar to those developed in school settings for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We will then discuss how these musical experiences support outcomes for learning across disciplines and contexts for all learners, including those with ASD.
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