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Session: 2C(ii)
Author: Pam Reichert
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Community art studio: An arts-based exploration of the experience of Canadian education for immigrant families
Description : I am proposing to do a presentation on a small research study where I am currently implementing critical art pedagogy. In a short-term community art studio I will use the arts to explore the experience of Canadian education for immigrant families (Leavy, P., 2009). This presentation will summarize the study in progress, looking at the literature that formed the framework for the study, the rationale for this particular research method, and the methods of data collection and analysis. The research question is: How can I use visual art to increase the sense of belonging that exists with immigrant families and school? I have chosen to work with adult EAL students and their children who are currently attending school. I will interview and conduct art studio sessions to make images of community, in an iterative or emergent fashion. I will be incorporating some aspects of the qualitative research method known as ‘photovoice’ (Wang, C. & Burris, M. 1997), and developing a phenomenological method to seek the essence of the experience of new Canadians (Moustakas, 1994). Although I cannot hope to arrive at the final analysis in such a small study, this project may be a pilot for later research. It is my thesis that language barriers and isolation may be minimized through image making, and that building stronger school/community relationships will aid in the sense of belonging felt by immigrant families, and I hope to see some indication that this can be effectively researched in such a way. References: Leadbeater, B., Banister, E., Benoit, C., Jansson, M., Marshall, A., & Riecken, T., (Eds.). (2006). Ethical issues in community-based research with children and youth. Toronto,ON: University of Toronto Press. Leavy, P. (2009). Method meets art: Arts-based research practice. New York, NY: The Guilford Press. Moustakas, C. (1994). Phenomenological research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc. Wang, C. & Burris, M.A. (1997). Photovoice: Concept, Methodology, and Use for Participatory Needs Assessment, Health, Education & Behavior, 24(3), 369-387. doi: 10.1177/109019819702400309
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