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Session: 2C(i)
Author: Mark Mirza-Agha
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : The continuum of literacy stages and their convergences into the four dimensional Universal Human Jenre
Description : There are five stages of literacy matrix that necessitates attention and reflection in the context of a four-tiered Universal Human Jerne model. This session will examine them as separate entities; the literacy for conceptual framework of stages of development is a continuum of dynamics that overlaps with differences in scope, magnitude and intensification of its prospects.

The first Literacy matrix is at the conception stage. The second Literacy matrix is after birth and early developmental stage. The third Literacy matrix is at the middle and youth stages. The fourth Literacy matrix is at adulthood stage. The fifth Literacy matrix is the Literacy that is beyond this worldly stage.

The four-tired Universal Human Jerne model consists of operational dynamics of the social, the service, and the community spheres all manifested and fussed into the spiritual sphere.

The operating principle in each of the spheres manifests themselves through a series of collective & continuous cycle of connection and protection with actors and animators full engagement.

The five stages of literacy and the four-tiered Universal Human Jerne model necessitates the emergence of social, service, community and their convergences into the spiritual progressive general and specialized institutes and systems.

This creates a literacy of being and doing in both the local and global animation consolidated and presence in both the real and virtual worlds expressed in art, music, painting, drama, storytelling, prayer ,poetry, and narrative media.

The universality of humanity is an ongoing continuum of convergence of social, service, spiritual prosperity and their systematic programs toward generation of scholars and knowledge creators to fully discharging of human capital toward ever advancement of human civilization in scientific, artistic, technical, social and spiritual culture of transformation and animation pedagogy.

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