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Session: 2A
Author: Brian Lewthwaite Barbara McMillan Robert Renaud Thomas Owen (Massey University)
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Our stories about teaching and learning: A Yukon First Nation shares its stories to assist educators in becoming responsive to the learning styles and aspirations of their community
Description : The Yukon Self-Government Agreements (SGA), which are unique in Canada, and have come to finalization within the last decade, set out the powers of each Yukon First Nation (YFN) government to govern itself, its citizens and its land. Self-government agreements provide self-governing First Nations (SGFNs) with law-making authority in specific areas of First Nation jurisdiction, including education. For example, the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in of the Klondike region of the Yukon SGA provides for program delivery, design and implementation of education programs with the support and sanction of the Yukon Territorial Government (YTG). With the establishment of SGFNs, each FN with the required co-operation of YTG faces the challenge of reversing assimilation and regaining a sense of identity at a variety of system levels, including the processes at the classroom level that influence the education of their children. In response to this policy development, this three-year project seeks to determine through the voice of community members, a YFN’s aspirations for education and, specifically, the culturally located practices that should inform teaching and learning at the classroom level. Based upon these communicated findings, an Effective Teaching Profile for YFN citizens is presented. As well, means by which researchers are purposely attempting to challenge and prompt teacher re-consideration of their teaching practices, monitor change in practices and determine the influence of these changed practices on student engagement and learning are presented.
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