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Session: 1C
Author: James Wilson
Affiliation: Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba
Title : The TRCM Research Strategy
Description : The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM) is a neutral body created through a partnership between the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) and Canada with a mandate to strengthen, rebuild and enhance the Treaty relationship with mutual respect between First Nations and Manitobans. The TRCM will enhance and maintain positive intergovernmental relations and cooperation, conduct independent research that advances discussion on Treaty related issues and facilitate public understanding of the importance and role of Treaty making in building a stronger and healthier nation. Canada understands Treaties between the Crown and First Nation people to be solemn agreements that set out promises, obligations and benefits for both parties. The First Nations understand the Treaties to be a series of negotiations through which they safeguarded their languages, traditions and cultures, while also agreeing to share the land with Canadians. The TRCM Research Strategy was developed in 2007 following a series of discussions with the TRCM partners, Academics and Elders. Research projects were selected to ensure concurrence within the areas identified in the TRCM Memorandum of Agreement and are aimed at targeting current gaps in literature. To learn more about the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship, the TRCM encourages opportunities to explore and discuss the Treaties. Currently, the TRCMs Research is focused on the Manitoba Treaties Oral History Project and the Historical Atlas of First Nations within Manitoba.
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